mold remediation




If you have experienced a mold occurance at your home or business, then you need professional help. That’s why @EAZE is here for you at all hours, every day of the year to help you recover – 24/7, 365 days a year.

For emergency service, call 443-677-2674.


Common Mold Scenarios

@EAZE is your go-to for any mold-related situations. We know having mold in your home or place of business leave you uneasy. We help put our customers @EAZE.

Below are the most common causes of mold in homes and businesses:

Cracks in exterior walls that allow water to seep into frame of        home or business​
Flooding events​
Slow leaks in plumbing pipes or appliances (dishwasher, toilet, 

  garbage disposal), that are not noticed right away or visible to

  the home or business owner.​
Dark areas where humidity is too high and damp air is trapped

  for an extended period of time (crawl spaces, basements, attics).

Mold only needs two or three days to start growing after a flood or other damaging water events. Left untreated, mold and microbial growth resulting from water damage is a danger to your health and your home’s health. Using Specialized HEPA Vacuum’s and HEPA Air Filters, cleaning product’s, industrial dehumidifiers and fans, @Eaze removes the water and the mold at the source of contamination. Building containment in the area of mold growth will prevent mold spores from entering unaffected areas of the home. We don’t just clean the affected areas. @EAZE we go the extra step to ensure you and your families health. We assign an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) to make sure they’re clean by conducting an air quality test in your home or place of business.